Why a responsive web design?

A responsive web design looks great across all platforms!

We now live in a mobile world and the percentage of users using mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) to rise, exceeding the desktop user. Since screen sizes will always be changing, it’s important that your website can adapt to the change. The layout changes based on the size and capabilities of the device. Non-responsive websites fail to provide a meaningful experience to a “could be” mobile audience.

Prospective customers have a much better experience and are more likely to convert on a mobile device if you have a responsive website. Whether that conversion could be filling out a form or making a purchase, this opens the door for your company to effectively reach more customers.

What happens when you go responsive?:

  • increased mobile conversion rates
  • increased revenue growth
  • increased click through rates
  • increased mobile traffic
  • positive user experience

Advantages of a responsive web design:

  • super flexible website
  • website speed
  • cost effective
  • requires only one website so it’s easier to manage

Creating a responsive site should be at the core of any solid SEO plan and it isn’t just a trend anymore, it’s a must-have.

Our Responsive Web Design Prices

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