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Google’s Mobile Friendly Website Ranking Factor Starts April 21

Mobile Devices Google Search
Google’s Mobile Friendly Website Ranking Factor – Effective April 21, 2015 Google has been telling web masters for quite some time that the search on mobile devices should be mobile friendly. Effective April 21, the use of mobile friendly websites will count as a ranking factor. Google states “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in...
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Why Us?

web design & seo results kingwood texas
We deliver results to help businesses achieve success through their web design, SEO and branding. Every business wants a good ROI (Return On Investment). We have a team of 17+ years experienced designers, web design / developers and SEO experts to make that happen. We believe in long-lasting relationships with our customers and it’s our #1 top priority to help them achieve success on the internet...
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Do All Businesses Need A Logo?

creative logos & graphics kingwood texas
Get creative and stand out from your competition! A great logo design will make a great first impression for your business. In competitive markets, a good, well-thought out logo is critical for a successful business and will set you apart from your competition. It’s the start and foundation of your branding trail. Consider these basic 5 reasons why your company needs a logo: Logos make gr...
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Who needs SEO?

SEO solutions kingwood texas
Truth is, every business that has a website needs SEO! Whether businesses do this themselves or hire experts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a major role in the online success of a business. It is also a solution to gain high rankings in the search results. There are several reasons why your business needs SEO: It’s an investment and delivers a high ROI It’s an important part o...
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Why a responsive web design?

web design kingwood texas
A responsive web design looks great across all platforms! We now live in a mobile world and the percentage of users using mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) to rise, exceeding the desktop user. Since screen sizes will always be changing, it’s important that your website can adapt to the change. The layout changes based on the size and capabilities of the device. Non-responsive websites ...
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